Social Events

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Social Events covered by the In Closing fee

Monday 23 May: ICE BREAKER
Discover local products
meeting point: solon des Iles - 19:00

Guided tour in the old city to discover the medieval monuments. At the end of the tour, discover the "Villa Noailles", work of the architect Mallet Stevens, followed by a cocktail offered by the City Hall.

Wednesday 25 May:

Porquerolles Island is the most important one among the archipeloga of the Iles d'or.

3 different ways to discover Porquerolles will be proposed. Participants will make their choice during In Closing through the ESA website, subject to availability.

1st tour: Cultural Guided Tour (in English)
The rich and unusual history of Porquerolles through the landscape shaped by men. Guided walk around the village. This tour will last approximately 3h.

2nd tour: Nature walk (in English)
Porquerolles, islands of contrast offers a surprising natural variety into which the human activities are perfectly integrated. Discover the fauna, the flora and the geology of the island but also: the history, the village, the beach, ther cliffs, the lagoons and the system of irrigation, the national academy and the vegetable cultures.

3rd tour: Self guided bike of Porquerolles
Participants will be provided with a mountainbike and a plan of the tracks of the island in order to discover the various facets of this site.

4th tour: Scientific: biodiversity - use of Space technology applications
Presentation of the action of the Parc National de Port Cros: issues on plant biodiversity, the importance of a park in the techniques of environmental protection.

5th tour: Scientific: studies on marine mammal - use of Space technology applications
Presentation of the studies conducted by the University of Toulon: NUTRINOS, infinite decimal particle emitted by the solar system that we manage to capture south of Porquerolles for analysis.
Joint reflection of the Parc National de Port Cros and the University of Toulon for observation of marine mammals (PELAGOS Project).

For these tours there will be a maximum amount of participants.
In Closings for these tours wil be on first come, first saved basis.

Open Lecture: On Wednesday evening after the excursion a conference opened to the public will be organised.
More information will be published later on this website.

Thursday 26 May: Symposium Dinner - Magnanerie De Saint Isidore
Transfer from the Forum to the Magnanerie de De Saint Isidore will be organised by bus.