PAC 2011 Proceedings Book


Session Chairman


National Reports

Sounding Rocket and Balloon Research Activities Supported by the German
Space Programme 2009 - 2011

R. Kuhl, C. Gritzner, A. Friker & D. Friedrichs

Norwegian National Report - Arctic Access to Space
P. Brekke
Swedish Space Activities - An Overview with a Focus on Balloons and Rockets
K. Dannenberg
Sounding Rocket and Balloon Activities and Related Research in Switzerland 2009 - 2011
M. Egli
In-Situ Measurement of Electron Density Perturbation in the Ionospheric Cusp
Region During Ici-2 Campaign

T. Abe & J. Moen
An Overview of the NASA Sounding Rockets and Balloon Programs
P.J. Eberspeaker & D.L. Pierce
Russian Balloon Research
D. Shifrin

Symposium Lectures

Biology on Sounding Rockets: History, Requirements, Results and Scientific Interpretation
R. Demets

Troposphere, Stratosphere & Climate

tratospheric Composition Measurements Using the MAESTRO Instrument
on a Balloon Platform Launched from Kiruna During Springtime, 2011

S. Kreycy, M. Dorf, L. Kritten et al.
Update on Envisat/SCIAMACHY Validation with Balloon-Borne DOAS Instruments:
Comparison of O3, NO2 and BrO Profiles

S. Kreycy, M. Dorf, L. Kritten et al.
TIR/SWIR Experiments from the LPMAA
Y. Té, P. Jeseck, S. Payan et al.

Intrusion of Recent Air in Polar Stratosphere During Summer 2009 Revealed by
Balloon-Borne In-Situ CO Measurements

G. Krysztofiak, R. Thiéblemont, V. Catoire et al.
Temperature Variations Seen by High Resolution Radiosondes as Signs of Turbulence,
Comparison with ESRAD

M. Mihalikova, S. Kirkwood & D. Mikhaylova

Troposphere, Stratosphere & Climate

Absolute Calibration of Vacuum Ultraviolet Xenon Flash Lamps Used for Photoionization
105 of Meteor Smoke Particles

S.M. Ernst, S. Skruszewicz, B. Strelnikov & M. Rapp
EXPLORE: Technology and Process Demonstration for Orbital Refuelling
on a Sounding Rocket

C. Hill, J. Schlutz, A. Fink et al.
REMOS - Recession Monitoring System: Experiment Concept and Results of the Flight on the Rexus 9
C. Blank, H. Boehrk, M. Duering et al.
System Design and Technical Demonstrations for Reusable Sounding Rocket

S. Nonaka, H. Ogawa, Y. Naruo & Y. Inatani

Rocket Propulsion with Gelled Propellants for Sounding Rockets
K.W. Naumann, H.K. Ciezki, R. Stierle et al.
Forced-Inflation Parachute for Rocket Payload Recovery
V. Yushkov, Yu. Mekhonochin, Yu. Gvozdev & V. Chizhukhin

Atomic Oxygen Sensor Systems Aiming In-Flight Measurements on a Sounding Rocket
S. Fasoulas, S. Loehle, A. Steinbeck & M. Eberhart
The Squid Sounding Rocket Experiment
M. Alaniz, S. Belyayev, D. Bergman et al.

M-BEAM (Magnetic Bearing for Brushless Direct Current Motor in Microgravity)
S. Pehr
A GPS Receiver for Use in Sounding Rockets
F. Mota, G. Albuquerque & T. Rapôso
Flight Test Results of a Novel Integrated GPS Receiver for Sounding Rockets
A. Grillenberger & M. Markgraf
Development of a System to Submit Sugarcane Plants in Real Microgravity Using the
VSB30 Sounding Rocket

H.C. Silva, K. Barreto, A.K. Lima et al.

Antithermal Shield for Rockets with Heat Evacuation by Infrared Radiation Reflection
I. Rusu
The XRMON-GF Microgravity Experiment Module
Y. Houltz, O. Löfgren, P. Anderson et al.
The Static Structural Test on SARA Suborbital Thermostructural Subsystem
E.H. de Castro Biase & L.E.V. Lourses da Costa
The Utilization of the Magnus Effect for Hot Water Rockets
A. Weiß & A. Nicolai
A Student Experiment from Stratospheric Balloon BEXUS 10: Scrat from Concept to Launch
M. Chiaradia, G. Rodeghiero, G. Di Donato, L. Barilaro, M. Cesaro, L. Olivieri, R. Comisso, M. Duzzi, F. Spagnolo, A. Francesconi, A. Selmo


Polar Research in the Classroom, after the IPY
B. Strømsholm
Stratospheric Balloons in France: For 20 Years an Efficient Space Education Tool for Juniors
M. Maignan, A. Gueurce, C. Arnodo et al.

Calisph’Air, an Educational Project to Study the Role of Aerosols in Air Quality and Climate
C. Flattot, Students of Maintenon High School & D. de Staerke
Project skBalloon
J. Erdziak, B. Chrenko, J. Kapuš et al.
MARVEL - The Martian Airborne Research Vehicle
P. Påhlsson, L. Strand, S. Powell et al.
SP.ACE 2009-2011: Secondary School Students Studying Sound Spectra, Mastering
Magnetism and Fostering Future Flights

T. Bettens, X. Deraet, J. Deseure et al.
A Novel Approach to Hands-On Space Education Outreach for Secondary School Students

E. de Schrijver & D. Geeroms

The SPONGE REXUS Project: Overview of a Sounding Rocket Experiment for PMDs
M. Lazzarin, N. Bellomo, F. Barato et al.

REXUS/BEXUS Alumni - Looking at the Long-Term Personal Benefits of 259 Participation in a
Practical Student Programme

M. Fittock, M. Siegl, A. Stamminger et al.

Introduction to the Canorock Program
J. Grande, T. Wang, K. Blix Dahle et al.
ASGARD: Securing Recurrent Near-Space Flight Opportunities for Secondary Schools
E. de Schrijver, E. Geerts & R. Van Malderen
From Student Experiments to Moon and Mars
E. Nathanson, C Hill, A. Fink et al.

The First European CanSat Competition for High School Students
T. Wang & J. Grande
Brussels Vikings Participating in the First European CanSat Competition
L. Lamort, J. Cugnon & E. de Schrijver

Range Facilities

Facilities for Production, Test and Qualification of Sounding Rocket Payloads at 297 Andøya Rocket Range
G. Hansen
Extended Scientific Possibilities for Studies of the Polar Atmosphere - Using the
Sounding Rocket Facilities at Andøya and Svalbard

P. Dragøy, T. Kristiansen & H.A. Eilertsen


Maser 12 Digital Video System
D. Titomanlio, G. Capuano & M. Severi

Technique & Instrumentation for Balloons

The SURECA BIT-10 Long Duration Balloon Mission: A Successful Qualification
Test for a New Iridium® Telemetry

D. Spoto, N. Auricchio, K. Boen et al.

Mini-SAOZ: A Light UV-Visible Spectrometer Sonde for Studying Convective
Transport in the Stratosphere

M. Vicomte & J.P. Pommereau

Balloon Gradient Geomagnetic Surveys at Stratospheric Altitudes
Yu.P. Tsvetkov, K.A. Nazarova, O.M. Brekhov et al.
Radiation Measurements in the Stratosphere
D. Pantel, Y. Gonzalez, M. Gedion et al.
A New Measurement of the Cosmic-Ray Flux Below 5GV Rigidity with the
PERDaix Detector

R. Greim, A. Bachlechner, B. Beischer et al
New Version of Balloon Hygrometer for In-Situ Water Vapour Measurements in the
Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere (FLASH-BM)

A. Lykov, V. Yushkov, S. Khaykin et al.
Flight Telecommunication Systems Under Balloons
J-P. Lefèvre & N. Verdier
A Modular Solution for Science Platform Stabilisation
J-E. Strömberg
Control System, Operating Modes, and Communications for PoGOLite
M. Jackson for the PoGOLite Collaboration
Ground and Board Interface on the Nosyca Command Control Gondola:
An Adaptable Interface

I. Zenone, C. Valero & J. Donadieu
Innovative Camera Pointing Mechanism for Stratospheric Balloons

J. Jaworski, K. Bobrowski, Ł. Boruc et al.

A Balloon-Borne Mission to Observe Venus During the January 2014 Inferior Conjunction
E. Young, M. Bullock, C. Tsang et al.
The Small Multi-Function Autonomous Research and Teaching Sonde (Smartsonde):
Relating In-Situ Measurements of Atmospheric Parameters to Radar Returns

P.B. Chilson, T.A. Bonin, B.S. Zielke & S. Kirkwood

Balloon Trajectory Prediction Methodologies for the Unmanned Space Vehicles Programme
R. Palumbo, G. Morani & F. Corraro
Thermal Behaviour of Sunrise, A Balloon-Borne Solar Telescope
G. Fernádez-Rico, I. Pérez-Grande, Á. Sanz-Andrés & P. Barthol

Mesosphere & Lower Thermosphere

Lidar Soundings of Noctilucent Clouds and Temperatures During Day and Night in the
Summer Mid-Latitude Middle Atmosphere

M. Kopp, M. Gerding, J. Höffner et al.
The Charge Balance in the Presence of Meteoric Smoke in the Upper Mesosphere under Winter
Conditions - Preliminary Results

U.-P. Hoppe, M. Friedrich, T.A. Blix et al.

In-Situ Density, Temperature, and Turbulence Measurements in the Middle 419
Atmosphere During ECOMA 2010

A. Szewczyk, B. Strelnikov, G. Baumgarten & M. Rapp
Independent Calibration of Radar Reflectivities Using Radiosondes: Application to ESRAD

S. Kirkwood, M. Mihalikova, D. Mikhaylova et al.


Maren Neef, Anne Hennig, Niklas Hausmann, Rüdiger Hampp

Life & Physical Science

DMLM III Device Development for Enzymes Biochemical Reactions in Microgravity
A. La Neve, M. Bellodi, M.A.A. Melo et al.
Analysis of Behaviour and Habituation of Fish Exposed to Diminished Gravity in
Correlation to Inner Ear Stone Formation - A Sounding Rocket Experiment (TEXUS 45)

R. Hilbig, M. Knie, D. Shcherbakov & R.H. Anken
Review of the MAXUS 8 Sounding Rocket Experiment to Investigate
Solidification in a Ti-Al-Nb Alloy

R. Mooney, D. Browne, O. Budenkova et al.
Comparison of Results from Low-Gravity and Normal Gravity Experiment “TRACE” on the
Columnar-Equiaxed Transition in the Transparent Alloy System Neopentylglycol-Camphor

L. Sturz & G. Zimmermann
Cranfield Astrobiological Stratospheric Sampling Experiment (Cass•E): Overview of
Flight Hardware Configuration, Implemented Planetary Protection and Contamination
Control Procedures and Preliminary Post-Flight Results

C.M. Juanes-Vallejo, V.V. Grama, I. Katramados et al.
Japan-Europe Collaborative Droplet Array Combustion Experiment in Microgravity
Onboard TEXUS-46 - Technical Achievements and Preliminary Scientific Results

M. Kikuchi, S. Yamamoto, S. Yoda et al.
XRMON-GF Experimental Set-Up Devoted to X-Ray Radiographic Observation of
Directional Solidification under Microgravity on Maser12 Sounding Rocket Missions

H. Nguyen-Thi, A. Bogno, G. Reinhart et al.
The Study of Droplet Array Combustion on TEXUS-46 - Preliminary Scientific Results
of the Nitrogen Oxide Production

K.G. Moesl, T. Sattelmayer, C. Eigenbrod et al.
The GAGa Project: From the Idea to a Successful Sounding Rocket Experiment

K. Harth, S. Höme, T. Trittel et al.

Projects & Missions with Rockets

TEXUS and MAXUS Preparation for the Future
A. Schütte
TEXUS - The Flying Laboratory for Material Science and Fluid Physics Experiments
H. Steinau
ARES Rockets Demonstrators of French Space Agency Project PERSEUS
S. Pernon, J. Oswald, R. Bec & H. Hingre
CADEN Device Development and Analysis of the Microgravity Effects on the
Carbon Nanotubes films Properties

A. La Neve, M. Bellodi, M.A.A. Melo et al
Investigating New Space Structures with the Focus Experiment
P. Reiss, E. Breunig, P. Zimmerhakl et al.
SHARK-MAXUS/8 Experiment: A Technology Demonstrator of Re-Entry Drop Capsule
R. Gardi, A. Del Vecchio, G. Russo & G. Marino

Ground Equipment

Wind Profile Derived from Anemometric Tower and Rawinsoundings for the
Determination of the Flight Trajectory at Alcântara Space Center

G. Fisch, R. Costa Leão & I. Fernandes Vendrame
Complex for Real-Time Experiments by Using Operated Flying on Balloon
O. Brekhov, Yu. Tsvetkov &N. Nikolaev


Balloon-Borne Gamma-Ray Polarimetry

M. Pearce, for the PoGOLite Collaboration

SMILE-II: Observation of Celestial and Atmospheric MEV Gamma Rays Using a
Balloon-Borne Wide Fields of View Electron-Tracking Compton Camera

A. Takada, T. Tanimori, H. Kubo et al.
The PERDaix Experiment.

C. Mai, A. Bachlechner, B. Beischer et al.

High Energy Astrophysics with Rubber Balloons
S.K. Chakrabarti, D. Bhowmick, R. Sarkar et al.

Projects & Missions with Balloons

TRO-Pico: A Small Balloon Campaign to Study the Impact of Tropical
Convective Overshooting on Stratospheric Water Budget

E.D. Rivière, J.-P. Pommerau, N. Amarouche et al.
A New Approach in Designing of Stratospheric Platforms Aimed at
Multi-User LDB Flights

A. Boscaleri, L. Fiorineschi, P. Rissone et al.
Boundary Layer Balloons in the Mediterranean During HyMeX
A. Doerenbecher, C. Fesquet, C. Basdevant et al.
NOSYCA: A New System for Balloon Operations
J. Mongis, I. Denis, C. Chatain & J.-M. Gagne
I-BATE: A Precursor to Space-Based Air Traffic Control
R.R. Rieber, T. Norheim & Y. Brodsky

Space Weather & Ionosphere

In-Situ Measurement of Electron Density Perturbation in the Ionospheric CUSP Region
During ICI-2 Campaign

T. Abe & J. Moen
Fluctuations in the Direction of Propagation of Low Frequency Ionospheric Waves
H. Sato, H.L. Pécseli & J.K. Trulsen
Electron Loss and Meteoric Dust in the Mesosphere

M. Friedrich, M. Rapp, T. Blix et al.

Radiation Measurement on a BEXUS Balloon
T. Möller, B. Ehresmann, J. Labrenz & L. Panitzsch
Space Weather, Cosmic Rays, and Satellite Anomalies
L. Dorman, for the Satellite Anomaly Team
Regional Orthogonal Model (ROM) of the Geomagnetic Secular Variation in the
Europe for 1980-2009 Years

S.V. Filippov, T.I. Zvereva, S.V. Yakovleva, D.Yu. Abramova
Challenges to the SWARM Mission: On Different Internal SHA Magnetic Field
Models of the Earth in Dependence on Satellite Altitudes

W.A. Webers